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Environmental Impact

"Environmental sustainability is our Responsibility ."

Environmental Commitment.

 At Blue Dot we sustain and pride ourselves in our corporate responsibility in environmental sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of transportation dynamics. 


Transportation no matter which sector you look at has a major carbon footprint that negatively impacts the environment.


 We believe in a cleaner and greener environment which is why at Blue Dot we ensure the idle times of our trucks are limited and pride ourselves to focus on eco-friendly fuel alternatives such as "CNG power units" compressed natural gas which reduces our carbon footprint comparatively to our competitors by a minimum of 70-80 %. 


We also donate to environmental mediation from our monthly profits and we are proud to say that Blue Dot Americas has planted an incredible 25,867 trees with various environmental groups across North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.    


Blue Dot has developed a brand new"environmental spend policy" in which we share a percentage of our profits based off the revenue and transportation services that we provide to our customers.

Not only does Blue Dot save your company time and money but together we save the world, the environment and create and sustain habitats for global wildlife.

Our focus is a greener and environmentally centered approach on reducing the carbon footprint of our already environmentally demanding industry and protecting the earth for generations to come.

Misty Woodland
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