Intermodal Division.

"Connecting the America's."

Send it on the rail        with blue dot



Blue Dot is one of the top contenders among its customers in terms of being a inter-modal provider for all of North America.


We have variations of inter-modal container capacity for your shipments no matter the size, weight or capacity of the shipment you are looking to move. 


Blue Dot service at more than 50 ramps, and a presence at numerous inter-modal facilities across North America.

We have a well established relationship with our inter-modal providers and can customize just about any shipment for whatever volume you require on a daily monthly, weekly or yearly basis.  We also offer the capacity on door to door shipments. Our drivers can pickup your shipment from the rail and move your freight directly to your customers door step.

We offer flexibility and a well build inter-modal network serving the United States, Canada and even into Mexico. 


Do you feel that perhaps Blue Dot's Inter-modal option might fit your transportation needs better than your current system? 


Let us assess your shipping patterns and see how we can fit this mode into your network.

Urban Railway Tracks