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Blue Dot understands and is well experienced with the unique requirements and specifics associated with the pharmaceutical industry. We understand the critical measures, needs of security and transparency to see each shipment through from the moment it is picked up to the moment it delivers.

Blue Dot specializes and offers solutions and capabilities in various sectors such as...


- Biological transport  specialization

- Medical Hazardous material transport,         

-Temperature controlled biological transport.

- Chemical shipments. 

-Bio-hazardous shipments

- High value pharmaceutical secured shipments.


Blue Dot has the resources and capabilities of making sure your freight arrives on site as it left your establishment without being stopped or tampered with by any parties and 24/7 live tracing and tracking including notifications of when and if the driver stops at any point during the duration of his trip and his or her timeline and live electronic surveillance accessibility for the duration of the trip where applicable. 

We offer specialized solutions including police escorted shipments , armed shipments and 24/7 guarded shipments when dealing with valuable commodities and pharmaceutical shipments whether being transported across the world or stored at our facilities.


We have a proven and effective model of transporting goods from location to location as deemed by the customer no matter what it takes.


Our layered security measures and effective protocols stand above the rest and we regularly move and store high value shipments on a regular basis with a 100% security backed success rate whether that means us providing you with a guarded and armed shipment or not.


Leave it to Blue Dot to assess risk management and the industries top security measures to ensure your product delivers with the upmost attention to detail and security practices to ensure the safety of your product whether being stored or over the road.


Do you feel that perhaps Blue Dot's pharmaceutical division option might fit your transportation needs? 


Let us assess your shipping patterns and see how we can fit this mode into your network.