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"Connecting your world, one shipment at a time."

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   Transportation            Technology.

Welcome to our digital logistics world, the future of the transportation industry.  We are pleased to introduce to you  Blue Dot's " Blue- Tech Technology Division.

What sets us apart?


Well, first and foremost we provide insight and data into your current operation and our technology understands and re-calculates how you can better optimize and combine analytics of your business using our self learning owned and operated artificial intelligence software.


The software is used to analyze millions of pieces of data and create an effective and calculated algorithm to save you time & money after the data, reports and current statistics are fed through and input into our software based off your current needs and requests.


We guarantee we will increase your plant / warehouse/ supply chain effectiveness and productivity using our technology service.  We study and work with you to understand your current issues and input your companies custom data, reports and current statistics into our software.

Blue Dot leads in advantage by combining market data analysis, and our superior technology, transportation and tracking systems operate electronically in sync with our driving teams dispatching teams, freight scheduling teams, trucks, trailers, drivers, software, warehouses computers, artificial intelligence communicating with our servers and our data cloud.


Our data network is rather intricate and we have strategically catered and developed custom specific data interchanges to give us the advantage over our customers we focus on our entire supply chain dynamics being digital  transparent and error free .

       Simplify your supply with Blue Dot Americas.


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