Ocean Freight Solutions.

" Coast to coast connections while cutting costs."

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Blue Dot Ocean Freight Division.

Blue Dot ships out of all the North American container ports from the United States to Canada Inbound and Outbound.


- Refrigerated Cargo ( Fresh)

- Refrigerated Cargo ( Frozen)



Ocean freight presents an economical and affordable means of transportation regardless of the material being shipped, weight and or volume as opposed to other modes of transportation generally speaking. However each logistics solution is different and this may or may not fit your logistics needs.


Blue Dot works closely with the biggest players in the Ocean freight industry and can transport virtually any commodity regardless of size, weight or volume anywhere in the world thanks to our close knit relationships and networks in the ocean freight industry.


Do you feel that perhaps Blue Dot's Ocean Freight division option might fit your transportation needs better than your current system? 


Let us assess your shipping patterns and see how we can fit this mode into your network.  

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