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Are you running out of space in your warehouse..?

Do you find yourself unable to provide the measures of 24/7 on site security and or the means of a temperature cooled or heated controlled warehousing option ? 

Well if you are, look no further. Luckily for you at Blue Dot we have fully customizeable solutions for our customers.

We provide and offer warehousing contracts no matter what our customers requires on a small or large scale, short term or long term.

What does Blue Dot Americas have to offer ?

Some of our capabilities currently include:


- Temperature controlled storage - Cold / Heated.

 -Hazmat ( Hazardous material warehousing) 

- Food Grade Warehousing.

- High Value storage. ( Dedicated guards available)

- 24 hour year round on site security.

 -Light sensitive storage options.

- Distribution Management (storage/pickup/deliver)

- Small or large parcel packaging / distribution.

- Specialized packaging / pallet building solutions.

- Warehouse expansion and specialized availability.  ( Self financed through Blue Dot for larger contracts) 


- Loading & Off Loading Services.


- Cross Docking Services.