Air Freight solutions

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 blue dot air Cargo division.

Some shipments are a bit to complicated to ship over the road or perhaps you need to cover longer miles in a shorter period of time.


Whether shipping to a remote region? or perhaps you require a time sensitive expedited shipment that you need moved within a specific time frame to avoid a late shipment or heavy fines from your customer?

Whatever the reason may be, Blue Dot America's air cargo division offers customers with immediate solutions for various shipping configurations.

We provide air logistics solutions based off our flexible & established relationship with our major airline partner.


Make it happen any time, any place no matter what the size of the shipment is, the time of day or the volumes you are looking to ship.


Do you feel that perhaps Blue Dot's Air Division option might fit your transportation needs better than your current system? 


Let us asses your shipping patterns and see how we can fit this mode into your network.  

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