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Blue Dot Americas.


Blue Dot Americas is a top tier logistics , technology, service , and global freight management company. We have our own assets, warehouses and can quite easily handle any overflow when asked to do so anywhere across the globe at anytime.


We have offices and warehouses strategically placed throughout North America and set the bar high for our competitors by offering top quality professionalism, reliability and services in a globally competitive market.


At Blue Dot we go above and beyond for our customers and handle their freight not only on a customer basis but more importantly on a personal level with complete transparency from pickup to delivery.

We work with our customers in optimizing their supply chain strategy and providing the most transparent, cost efficient and service backed solutions available on the market.  


Blue Dot Offers the added benefit of using our extensive expertise by combining market data analysis, current trends, superior technology, transportation and tracking systems and  of course the most important part a strong, passionate and dedicated team with over 18 years of experience in the game. 


Blue Dot prides itself with our proven record of service excellence among all of our customers with unique and proven logistics strategies and techniques 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


We operate and run various asset based companies and warehouses to ensure you our future or existing customer is able to work your 9-5 without running into overtime, if Blue Dot is behind your shipment consider it taken care of. 


On and off the job site our team is focused with one simple goal in mind..... To treat each and every shipment as if the product we are handling is our own. We focus on corporate responsibility and liability. 


Well, to simply put it Blue Dot has a unique advantage among our competitors with our corporate foundation being built and currently comprised by individuals who have worked in every aspect of the supply chain industry across North America and Europe Collectively.


Our founders have worked in the fields from A-Z through all of the logistics ranks such as executives, terminal managers, dispatch supervisors, operations managers, warehouse managers, safety & compliance officers , financial officers, crane operators, forklift operators, warehouse pick & pack , customs clearance agents, 3PL and the list goes on. 


With such extensive & comprehensive backgrounds, Blue Dot has the advantage of literally approaching any given problem with a quick and simple solution in which customers may not have the knowledge or expertise to comprehend and approach on their own. 


We are here to take all your logistics needs and requirements, analyze them, understand them and provide our expertise on how to approach them in the most efficient manner and provide you with your own customized and perfected supply chain optimization solution.


 We save you time & money, two of the most valuable assets in transportation while maintaining one of the top service reputations in the industry giving you the competitive edge over your competition.


We have an advanced understanding in every aspect of the logistics and transportation dynamic and provide exclusive feedback to help improve our customers , partnered carriers and even our own drivers. 

We offer our experience & knowledge, work ethic, technology, transparency, honesty, commitment and dedication to each and every one of our customers.


We focus on the core essence of your business and improving its logistics and transportation processes.