Specialized Securities


"Point A to Point B Safe and Secure."

Secured SHipments        with Blue DOt.

At Blue Dot we do something that sets us apart from our competitors, we offer customized security options to our customers whether over the road or in a specialized warehousing scenario.


What do we have to offer with our specialized security solutions?


At Blue Dot our team is well seasoned in the security division and understand the value of high commodity shipments and warehousing and the importance of your product being protected at all costs. For this we offer a specialized solution within legal accordance to state and or provincial regulations.


Blue Dot offers licensed and insured armed guards and armed shipment transfers withing the United States and certain regions of Canada that are specialized and trained in tactical training and equipped to deal with any pertaining situation that our trained guards may face.


 All of our guards must go through extensive background clearances and criminal record checks.


At Blue Dot we assume full responsibility for each and every shipment and offer specialized and live time tracing and tracking of each specialized secure shipment with virtual transparency from beginning to end. 

If your shipments requires further security and police escorts we are also able to provide the co-ordination from pickup to delivery. .


If you require Blue Dot Americas Specialized Security Services division option might fit your transportation needs better than your current system?  Let us assess your shipping patterns and see how we can fit this mode into your network.  

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