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You need coverage and you need it now.  It's last minute and you need a solution that you can put into action right away. This shipment could cost you the customer you worked so hard to establish and maintain. 

Fortunately for you, Blue Dot offers an expedite service for that.  We have drivers ready to roll on a moments notice for such unfortunate situations and ensure you and your customers freight arrives as you need it and when you need it. 

Depending on the shipment Blue Dot will determine with you whether you need to send it over the road or by air both of which Blue Dot has immediate coverage for year round.

 We are here for you and with one phone call we can be there within a moments notice whether its over the road, overseas or across the globe Blue Dot has got you covered.

Our Services:

      Food Grade          Transport Division.
 Temperature Controlled                        Transport Division.
Truck Load & Less than truckload Division.
   Global Air Cargo
Warehousing & Processing      
  Medical & Pharmaceutical             Transport Division.
Ocean Freight
Intermodal Logistics.
Bulk Liquid Transport 
         Expedite Transport 

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